Activities during the anniversary year – an overview

Here is an overview of the activities organised by the Christian Doppler Foundation and its cooperating partners during the “Doppler Anniversary Year 2017”

  • The anniversary symposium
    The symposium took place from 1st to 3rd of June 2017 in the University of Salzburg’s Main Hall, and in the university laboratory building in the Science-City in Itzling. A ceremonial opening on 1st June launched the symposium, which featured talks by renowned representatives from the world of politics, science and business. As part of the symposium, a meeting between students at the Salzburg and Prague Christian Doppler High Schools took place. Two classes were selected to take part in an exciting and colourful program of events based on Christian Doppler. These included a graffiti workshop (in which Christian Doppler was immortalised in the “Hall of Fame”) and a visit to the Doppler Exhibition in the “Haus der Natur”.
  • Doppler – Internet Platform
    The multimedia platform ( was conceived and launched for the occasion of the Christian Doppler anniversary year. The site is continuously updated.
  • Book presentation “Christian Doppler” by Clemens Hutter
    The new book on Doppler published by Anton Pustet was presented by author, Clemens Hutter, on 22nd February 2017 at 6pm in the Haus der Natur.
  • Science laboratory : City Itzling – An homage to Christian Doppler
    The new department of sciences laboratory building at the University of Salzburg in Itzling is now the official seat of the Christian Doppler Foundation. The building also houses the Doppler library and the Doppler archives. A stone sculpture of Christian Doppler by Alexander Steinwendtner sits at the entrance of the building, and a lecture theatre is named after Christian Doppler.
  • Creativity competition on the theme of the Doppler effect
    In cooperation with the City of Salzburg, a creativity competition for school students was launched. The best ideas were presented and awarded prizes during the symposium.
  • Lecture series at the University of Salzburg
    In the summer term of 2017, a series of lectures on the theme of “175 Years of the Doppler Principle” was held (6.03 – 26.06, 2017, Mondays 5-7pm, HS 380, Rudolfskai 42) featuring lectures on the natural and social sciences and culture.
  • Christian Doppler Prize
    In 2017 the Province of Salzburg awarded the 12.000 € Christian Doppler Prize for Research and Invention in the Natural Sciences. The submission deadline was 31.07. 2017.
  • The University Mozarteum Doppler concert
    As part of the Doppler Concert series, on 02.06.2017 the University Mozarteum’s Ensemble for New Music, under the direction of Marino Formenti, performed the 4th Doppler Concert to mark the anniversary year. Other concerts followed.
  • Christian Doppler Composition Prize
    A composition prize was launched by the university Mozarteum on the theme of Christian Doppler’s work. Performances were given in Salzburg, Linz and Graz.
  • Exhibition and Christian Doppler Art Prize at Salzburg Airport
    With the cooperation of Salzburg Airport, an Art Prize was awarded on 13.09.2017 as an homage to Christian Doppler. This was accompanied by an exhibition of other works of art in the airport gallery, which remained on display until 9.12.2017.
  • Week of Celebrations at the Academic High School
    On 9.11.2017, as part of the 400 year celebrations of the academic high school, a memorial plaque was erected to celebrate its famous student and teacher, Christian Doppler and Simon Stampfer
  • Events hosted by the Salzburg Bildungswerk (Educational Institute)
    In the autumn, the Salzurg Bildungswerk launched a series of events on the theme of Christian Doppler and the Doppler effect, with talks and guided tours, for example a visit to the Christian Doppler Exhibition in the Haus der Natur on 28.10.2017
  • Christian Doppler Exhibition in the Haus der Natur
    The museum display area dedicated to Christian Doppler in the Haus der Natur was updated.
  • Activity Report for 30 years of the Christian Doppler Foundation
    The Doppler Foundation also celebrated an anniversary in 2017, marking 30 years of activity, all of which is to be recorded in a new pamphlet.
  • Project Schemnitz
    The UNESCO World Heritage city of Banská Štiavnica (known formerly as Schemnitz), in Slovakia, is important in Doppler’s biography (1847-1850) but has yet to be properly researched. Future research is to be carried out at the Bergakademie, and archive material in German and Slovakian is to be studied. The installation of a commemorative plaque is also planned.
  • Cooperation Partnerships
    with the Christian Doppler Research Society (CDG) in Vienna
    with the Christian Doppler Academic High Schools in Salzburg and Prague
    with the Salzburg Society for Regional Studies, which on 22.11.2017 hosted a talk entitled “In the footsteps of Christian Doppler” with Peter M. Schuster and Ewald Hiebl.
    with the Salzburg Stadtverein (town association), which included an article on Christian Doppler in its newspaper “Bastei” in June 2017.
    with the European Centre for the History of Physics in Schloss Pöllau, Steiermark
    with the Christian Doppler Clinic and the private university, PMU in Salzburg
    with the Salzburg Bildungswerk
  • Other initiatives …
    Maintaining Doppler Memorials in and outside Austria
    Public relations activities, the establishment of a newsletter.

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